We're launching our first ever - Camp Impact! The place where nonprofits come together to share how they solved their biggest problems.

I am elated to announce something super exciting for the Pond community today - something that I think will have a revolutionary impact on our mission to help nonprofit leaders thrive.

Drumroll…. we’re launching Camp Impact: a virtual conference designed especially for nonprofit leaders to learn best practices from their peers. We’re going to be covering specific topics nonprofits care about: volunteer management, event fundraising, storytelling, and grant-writing. You’ll get to hear from your peers about how they solve their own biggest problems within these topics- and hear about the tools they use to navigate within their own nonprofit. Curious about how other nonprofit leaders are tackling volunteer management? Always wanted to hear about the best event fundraising platforms, but wanted to skip the cold-calls, emails, and pressure to make a decision? This is your time!

We’ve intentionally organized this conference in weekly, 90-minute sessions so that you can get the most out of this time and hear from the people you trust- your peers- in hyper-practical, equity-focused sessions. These include: 

  • Volunteering Innovation: How to make your volunteer programs more inclusive & successful 
  • Event Fundraising Innovation: How to meet your fundraising goals with more community-centric events
  • The Power of Storytelling: How to craft the most compelling impact stories for your mission 
  • Standout Grant-writing: How to meet your grant-writing goals efficiently while staying authentic to your values  

Camp Impact is completely free: you can sign up to attend (anonymously!) any sessions that are relevant to you. You’ll also get to rate & review the sessions and the nonprofit leader with the most helpful presentation in each weekly category will receive a $1,000 donation - thanks to our sponsor, a product unit of Okta, who is protecting what matters most to nonprofit organizations.

Signups are open now: so jump in with us!

it’s a great time to be a nonprofit leader. Hope that each and every one of you are able to take advantage of these opportunities! And of course-more to come 🙂


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