Pond Messages (BETA)

We launched the Beta version of Pond Messages. Go get chatting!

When we were refining Pond’s product, a lot of people told me that Pond was like a dating app for nonprofits. I loved this comparison because it made it easy to “get” what Pond can do for nonprofits: match them with the things they needed to run their organization.

One key function of dating apps is the messaging function: necessary, and maybe a necessary evil depending on the day 😉

We started thinking about messaging for Pond. We heard from our members that it would be great to have asynchronous, higher-level conversations with vendors before joining a more formal meeting. So today, we’re launching the Beta version of Pond Messages (Beta)!

Here are the details:

-Pond Messages (Beta) allows for nonprofits to talk with vendors without having to commit to a full meeting and demo

-Like Bumble, only nonprofits can initiate conversations- just go to the provider’s page on Pond to start chatting!

-You must have a completed profile on Pond to take advantage of Pond Messages (Beta)

We’re starting this Beta version during Camp Impact- a perfect time for nonprofits to reach out to any of the solutions they hear about this month.

If you’re interested in trying out Pond Messages (Beta) and becoming one of our very own Beta fish (sorry, couldn’t resist!) make sure your profile on Pond is complete!

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