A Farewell & Thank You from Pond

Pond will be officially closing on Friday December 23, 2022. Active Pond users please read for next steps with your account and other available resources.

After 3 years dedicated to building Pond, we will be officially closing the platform on Friday December 23rd. 

There are some important logistical items and resources for active users to note below, but we wanted to first share some thoughts we have at this challenging moment. 

Our team has poured our heart and soul into this work and while we had hoped for a different outcome for Pond, we’re all still incredibly grateful. 

Grateful for the opportunity to look at the business of impact differently and attempt some fresh innovation for the nonprofit sector. Grateful for the incredible amount we’ve learned and the unbelievable support we’ve received from every corner of our extended community. 

But most importantly, we are grateful for all the amazing people committed to impact that we’ve had the chance to meet & support. 

For any active users of the platform, 2 important items to note: 

  • Today (December 1) is your last day to earn credits for reviews of vendor meetings through Pond
  • Credits in your account can be used on qualifying purchases up until December 23, 2022 by completing the credit redemption form in full 
    • After December 23, the platform will no longer be live and user accounts won’t be accessible

We’ve also assembled a list of resources below that we recommend to meet many of the needs you may have come to Pond for:

Percent: Streamlined product discounts & donation campaigns 

Percent unlocks innovative funding streams for nonprofits, for free. By joining Percent, nonprofits have easy access to online, consumer-facing donation campaigns, in addition to product discounts from companies like Asana, Atlassian, Monday.com and more. You can sign up here and feel free to schedule a conversation to meet the Percent nonprofit team anytime.

Digital Lift Foundation: $1,000 Software Grants for qualifying nonprofits 

The Digital Lift Foundation from monday.com assists nonprofits by removing the cost barrier to bringing all kinds of new SaaS (software as a service) platforms to their nonprofits (Please review their eligibility requirements).

TechSoup: Nonprofit Technology Discounts & Education 

TechSoup partners with many leading software companies to provide significant discounts to nonprofit customers, as well as training, community & other services. 

nten: Nonprofit Technology Education & Training 

Nten provides community, events, certifications and much more around all things nonprofit technology.  

TechImpact: Nonprofit Technology Product Reviews & IT Services 

TechImpact provides in-depth reports on various categories of nonprofit tech options and a host of technology services. 

Philanthroforce: Matching nonprofits with relevant consultants 

Philanthroforce offers a marketplace between skilled nonprofit consultants and organizations in need. 

Catchafire: Matching skilled volunteers with discrete nonprofit projects 

Catchafire offers a virtual marketplace for skills-based volunteering by matching volunteers with specific projects posted by nonprofit members.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@joinpond.com with any questions.

Thank you everyone,


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